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Putra Business School (PBS) is more than an average university. It is an exclusive postgraduate university offering specialised programs in business and management.

As a full-fledged top business school, our aims are not only to produce competent graduates, but more importantly, to nurture our students with important human values such as integrity, honesty, care, and accountability.

Beyond this, our focus is also to produce top-notch graduates who are first-choice candidates for the country’s leading employers. In this effort, PBS has taken enormous steps in the pursuit of academic excellence in order to remain a leading business school in the region.

It is with pride I express that PBS has obtained world class accreditations (AACSB and ABEST21) besides local MQA accreditations. In addition, the value added to students’ qualifications through collaborations with various professional bodies such as IMM, MIHRM, MAICSA, Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and FAA enables our graduates to carve stronger impacts in their professional careers. With such an academic standing and unique collaborations, we have become the most sought-after business school and are able to attract and retain outstanding members of academia.

Another unique proposition of PBS is our commitment to promoting human governance. As is well-known in the corporate world, it is challenging to achieve high levels of corporate performance while concurrently maintaining a responsible business entity; the adoption of human governance plays a critical role here. The coexistence of performance and sustainability are heavily dependent upon the elements of human governance championed by PBS. In other words, leadership based on human governance has taken a front seat in major organisations. Therefore, it has always been the dream of PBS to nurture human leaders and become a role model in postgraduate business education. Graduates with human values would be able to serve better in the turbulent business environment.

To our beloved students, I strongly encourage everyone to participate in non-academic activities such as international business competitions, special programs organised by Putra Student Association (PSA), and community linkages. These initiatives will certainly add colour, experience, and values to your study life in PBS. In conclusion, it is the mission of our team to serve you and engage your interest in our postgraduate programs. Undoubtedly, Putra Business School (PBS) will leave you with endless opportunities that you would not want to miss out on.

Thank you.

Zulkornain Yusop

Putra Business School

Putra Business School

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