MBA Programmes

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MBA (Open & Distance Learning)

This MBA Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Programme provides you with the flexibility to pursue your studies alongside other responsibilities.

MBA (Corporate Governance)

This programme is designed to satisfy the public sector's needs for knowledgeable, highly trained human capital capable of managing and leading organisations in today's competitive global context.

MBA (Human Potential Management)

This programme is designed to allow graduates to develop and engage in human resource strategies that encourage long-term growth and development of expertise in organisations.

MBA (Marketing)

This programme is designed to equip graduates with the information and skills necessary to create, convey, and deliver value propositions to target consumers.

MBA (Finance)

This programme is designed to foster graduates with a solid understanding and practical skills in financial management, statistics, leadership, economic, strategy and investment analysis.

MBA (International Business)

This Programme is designed to prepare graduates for global business opportunities through an understanding on how to handle cross-cultural issues, practical logistics of working for a company that operates in multiple countries on multiple continents as well as the underlying structure of a global company.

Master of Business Administration

PBS aims to nurture future leaders that practise human governance values and principles. PBS also engages in research, consulting, and business development activities.

Postgrad Cert Programmes

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Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration

Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration is an ideal programme which allows graduates to obtain the necessary basic knowledge and skills required in today’s highly competitive business environments undertaking significant amounts of academic research.

PhD Programmes

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Doctor of Philosophy (Management)

The PhD (Management) programme aims to prepare candidates to tackle challenges and meet demands in topics related to management, such as social entrepreneurship, resources management and sustainable development.

Doctor of Philosophy (Marketing)

The PhD (Marketing) Programme prepares candidates to advance knowledge on the relationship between consumers and markets. Candidates will be able to practice their researchskills on topics such as branding and social media, consumption-based effect regulation and consumer psychology on judgement and decision-making.

Doctor of Philosophy (Accounting)

The PhD (Accounting) Programme provides to strengthen candidates’ research skills in the field of accounting through topics such as notable accounting best practices, elements of tax codes and major trends in accounting ethics.

Doctor of Philosophy (Finance)

The PhD (Finance) programme allows candidates to increase their research skills in a financial topic such as empirical investments, behavioural finance, financial intermediation and aspects affecting financial  markets and institutions.

MSc Programmes

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Master of Science (Management)

Students will be exposed to the relevant theories and critical research issues in their respective areas of specialisation resulting in the production of a thesis.
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