Guide to Thesis Preparation

The culmination of a postgraduate student’s journey is seen in the completion of their research work in the form of a thesis. This guide will help be a reference in the preparation of your thesis.

Guide to the Preparation of Project Paper

A project paper should contain three main divisions: the preliminary pages or main body, usually divided into parts – chapters and sections; and the supplementary pages, or back end.

Guide to the Preparation of Case Study

Case writing and analysis provide an individual an opportunity for a vicarious living and learning experience that is relevant and productive for him or her when faced with the need to make difficult decisions in a logical, analytical, and professional manner. This guideline provides the format for writing and analyzing a case that will help a writer attain this experience.

Graduate Studies Rules

These rules are considered as Putra Business School (Graduate Studies Rules) 2013.

Handbook for International Student

Education in Malaysia is a worthwhile experience, and we are here to assist our graduate students in their pursuit of knowledge. PBS provides a balanced academic programme for Master and Doctoral Degree students. Students from more than 60 countries congregate together to obtain invaluable experience in PBS. So, join us to fulfill your dreams of scholastic endeavors.

Handbook for Student

We would like to explain some key teaching and learning procedures at Putra Business School (PBS) to ensure that students have understood for the processes to run smoothly and efficiently.